Preliminary design

The initial phase of the project is the most delicate. Our architects and designers analyze the needs of the customer to identify all the practical needs and work style of the customer to offer the best solutions for technology, art and design, but in the elaborate style of the customer. In this phase they develop the first style sketches. Once approved style choices the design team is dedicated to creating a concept integrating preliminary 3d model in all strengths, aesthetic elements and ideas of the client. Are then developed artistic and photorealistic renderings to show the customer the "product idea" that you will go 'to achieve.
During this phase the team of engineers and architects, thanks to the proven experience, determines the feasibility of preliminary design

  • Evaluation needs of the customer

    First sketches

    preliminary concept

    3D Mock up

    3D rendering

    Feasibility Study


Work flow

Once the preliminary design is completed the feasibility study. The goal is to move the project forward through a preliminary engineering study through which you can have a detailed plan of the temples and costs.

With a spiral design approach, the team determines whether the project can be realized technically, financially, and within schedule of the client.
At the end of this phase the manufacturer has all the elements to decide whether to go on or not.

  • Statistical study of the project

    preliminary engineering

    Analysis of the times

    Preliminary analysis of the costs

    Spiral Project

    Feasibility study for advanced


Executive design

Obtained the approval of the client regarding the preliminary design, implementation times and costs to go to the execution phase.

Our team of engineers, architects and designers will model the 3D project executive for CNC machines as needed and realizzara all the drawings of construction, interiors, facilities, any equipment the engine, as well as structural design with particular reference to the use of innovative materials. We will also look for possible Approvals should require the customer.

  • 3d model Final

    Structural design and plant

    Final design of the interior


    3D rendering final

    detailed Report


Support and supervision of works

At this stage, our project manager takes care of all the needs that may arise during the implementation
of the product, from simple clarification to any type of support required.

Ultimately, our team will take care of every detail to ensure full customer satisfaction.
In the case of serial production of our team will not only assist in the realization of models and molds, but will provide directly to the yard finished molds together with the prototype of the product acquired.

  • On-site support

    Site management


    Interface with the customer

    Analysis of changes and costs

    Study of variations


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